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joint with L.Brotherhood, C. Santos and M. Tertilt This paper explores policies in epidemiological model of Covid-19 where individual's of different age (and associated risk) make private social distancing decisions. Social distancing especially by the old is substantial, and the optimal social planner restricts the young more to provide some slack for the old. Costs of this is much lower when there is also testing. Go to paper

With Michèle Belot and Paul Muller. We propose a simple method to elicit time preferences at the individual level even when income and consumption varies over time. We validate the method and apply it to correlate individuals' impatience with job search behavior and success. Go to paper

Aug. 2018 With Michèle Belot and Paul Muller. We develop and evaluate experimentally a novel tool that redesigns the job search process by providing tailored online advice about related occupations. Go to paper