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Do the Long-term Unemployed Benefit from Automated Occupational Advice during Online Job Search?

joint with Michèle Belot and Paul Muller (first version July 2022) In a randomized field experiment, we provide personalized suggestions about suitable alternative occupations to long-term unemployed job seekers in the UK. Effects on the primary pre-registered outcomes of “finding a stable job” and “reaching a cumulative earnings threshold” are positive, are significant among those who searched at […]

New version: “An economic model of the Covid-19 pandemic with young and old agents: Behavior, testing and policies”

joint with L.Brotherhood, C. Santos and M. Tertilt (new version: April 2021, first version May 2020) This paper explores policies in epidemiological model of Covid-19 where individual’s make private social distancing decisions. Individuals differ by age, where the young have lower risk but need to earn a living (though they can telework). In equilibrium the elderly protect […]

Should top journals publish rapidly written papers on Covid-19?

This is a slightly inward-looking question at a time where many lives are at stake, but it is not an unimportant one. Publications give both incentives and – maybe more importantly – some level of accreditation. At a time where a lot of material is circulating, accreditation seems very important. Traditional economics articles tend to […]

Vegan living

“I know of no more beautiful prayer than [..]: ‘May all that have life be delivered from suffering’” (Schopenhauer, from On the Basis of Morality) Vegan cuisine has been an amazing discovery for me over the last 10 years. Chefs have come a long way since my early experiences with vegan food in the university […]